Post #9: RE: Who do you think were the winners at this year's All Star game?

  Posted: 05:05 PM, July 16 2015, Author: @greggturnbull,Category: Baseball
If you view is purely of the scoreboard - The American League again took the game - as they do nearly every year. But Trout and Fielder looked awesome - great for Prince who has come leaps and bounds since last season's injury. For, Trout, it just solidified his place at the top the MLB (amazing bat and motor). DeGrom was on fire - sitting down 3 All Stars on 10 pitches - and even Pete Rose was on the field. Who would have bet to see him make an All Star appearance, well.. um , no comment.

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Sdy2conu normal
@tuggspeedman99  • Posted almost 4 years ago (11:59 PM, August 26 2015)

Is that a fat joke about Fielder? Pete's haircut is All Star worthy.

Stxq qlo normal
@greggturnbull  • Posted almost 4 years ago (09:35 PM, August 27 2015)

Indeed worthy - as for Cecil -I guess if you imagine him leaping and bounding it could go south, but no he had a good showing this year.

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