Post #10: Who is the top QB in the League, starting off 2015 season? What tools make them standout?

  Posted: 10:00 PM, August 19 2015, Author: @greggturnbull,Category: Football
Just wondering your thoughts who people were picking as the top QB for 2015 and why? Rodgers, Luck and Wilson top our leaderboard (and most of the fantasy rankings) at the moment. Is it Rodger's arm strength and accuracy, Luck's strength or Wilson's athleticism that will make the biggest impact. Who are the untouted QBs I am missing and what tools are going to make them shine?

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Sdy2conu normal
@tuggspeedman99  • Posted almost 4 years ago (10:26 PM, August 23 2015)

It's Rodgers and it's not close.

Stxq qlo normal
@greggturnbull  • Posted almost 4 years ago (09:37 PM, August 27 2015)

Are you going to be the guy that rewinds the discount double check commercials - I think Luck might top him this year for impact.

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